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Employment & Accident Claims

Walker & Sharpe can help you to make a claim for compensation if you’ve suffered loss as a result of accident, injury or losing your job. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Unfair dismissal

If you feel like you have been unfairly dismissed from your job, you may have the right to complain to an Employment Tribunal. We would always suggest consulting a Solicitor for advice at the earliest opportunity, as employment law is a complex area with strict timescales which must be adhered to.

Constructive dismissal

Constructive dismissal is when an employee resigns as a result of a significant and fundamental breach of their contract by their employer. Constructive dismissal claims are often difficult to prove, and the benefit of professional legal advice from the outset can make all the difference.

Accidents at work

Despite the fact that employers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace, this doesn’t always mean that rules and regulations are complied with. Failures within the system that lead to personal injury and accidents at work mean that you are entitled to pursue a damages claim.

Road traffic and pedestrian accidents

If you’ve been in a road accident and you’ve been injured as a result of the negligence of another road user, we can help you to pursue a claim for compensation for your injuries and any losses you may have incurred as a result.

Medical and Dental Negligence

We understand that making a claim against a health care professional can be a daunting process. We are experienced in handling a range of cases involving clients who have suffered injury and loss as a result of the negligence of health care professionals including doctors, hospitals and dentists.

Criminal Injuries Compensation

If you have been the victim of a violent crime, we can work with you to make an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. We will be on hand to ensure you understand the process and can advise and prepare you for any further reviews or appeals that may occur.

No Win No Fee

We can offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement in certain cases, meaning that if your claim is successful your legal costs would be recovered from the other side. This also means that you would keep 100% of your compensation.  In cases where we are not able to offer a ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement, we may still be able to take your claim forward on the basis a percentage ‘success fee’ will be deducted from compensation recovered on your behalf, meaning you would not have to pay legal costs up front.

Depending on your financial circumstances, Legal Aid may be available to fund your claim.

For more information about any of our employment & accident claims services and how we can help you, please get in touch.

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