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Divorce Day? Surviving a separation after the festive period

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Statistically, 3rd January is the busiest day of the year for people to consult a solicitor in relation to the breakdown of their relationship.  Nicknamed ‘Divorce Day’ by some, the apparent trend is often attributed to a combination of couples who have already drifted apart being forced to spend extended periods of time together over the festive period and cases of affairs being exposed by festive calls and text messages.


While the phenomenon is disputed, research shows 1 in 4 couples hold off initiating divorce proceedings until after important family celebrations, such as Christmas.  It is far more likely that the surge of enquiries in January is not due to Christmas being the straw that broke the camel’s back, but rather that couples who had planned their separation, often a few months in advance, had timed taking the first steps after the festive season to avoid upsetting loved ones.


What is clear from the research is that the decision to separate is not taken lightly.  If your relationship has come to an end, we understand that it can be a particularly distressing time, both for you and your children.  There are often a number of matters that need to be sorted out before it is possible to divorce, such as untangling joint financial assets and property, and issues relating to the welfare of your children, such as with whom they should live and ongoing contact arrangements.


Partner Lister McKiddie explains the importance of taking independent legal advice at the outset: “For most people who have separated, a lack of knowledge about where they stand legally, particularly their rights in relation to their children and in terms of division of the finances, can be daunting.  It is essential to meet with a Family Lawyer to discuss your personal circumstances, before weighing up all of the options open to you.”


Our experienced and dedicated Family Law team are on hand to offer a sympathetic ear and sound advice when needed most.  Dealing with all of the aspects of a separation can be overwhelming, but our solicitors can support you through the process with clear, bespoke advice and practical assistance.


For further information on separation, divorce or any of our Family Law services, please contact us.

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